Purchasing Process

How the City Buys
The Purchasing Division’s is responsible for the centralized purchasing of supplies, materials, services, construction and design for all city departments in accordance with Florida statutes, city ordinances, and established purchasing policies and procedures. The Purchasing Division also is responsible for:
  • Supervising property/inventory control which not only tracks all assets of the city
  • Disposing of surplus and obsolete city property
  • Serving as a resource group for all city departments and a clearinghouse for Contracts Administration on all procurement related issues
Small Dollar Transactions
Other responsibilities include overseeing the City of Fort Myers Asbestos Operations and Maintenance Plan and the Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Programs Materials and services less than $3,000 are considered small dollar transactions and can be made within each department by using the procurement VISA card.

Large Dollar Transactions

Items that exceed $3,000 or more are submitted on a requisition form and submitted to the Purchasing and Contracts Administration Division for processing.

The Bids/RFP/RFQ are posted:
  • In the lobby of the Purchasing Division
  • On the City of Fort Myers website
  • As advertisements in the legal section of the local paper
  • In local plans rooms for construction projects
Doing Business With the City
The City of Fort Myers is continuously seeking vendors, suppliers and contractors who can provide quality products and service at competitive prices. This information is provided so that you may know of procurement opportunities with the city and your role in the purchasing process according to the city’s policies. Given the wide range of goods and services purchased, tremendous opportunity exists for businesses and vendors to do business with the city.