Professional Standards & Accreditation

The Assistant Chief of Professional Standards and Accreditation reports to the Fire Chief and assists with supporting the Fire Department's mission of promoting excellence.  

Professional Standards

The Office of Professional Standards and Accreditation is responsible for coordinating professional development, department programs, and processes throughout the organization.  Through continued development of the departments Professional Development Program employees develop in three key areas: Operational Development, Professional Development, and Specialized Development.  Some examples of these development blocks are the employees participation in orientation, the Peer Advisor Program, taskbooks, state certifications, degrees, credentialing, committee participation, and  fire and EMS training.


Fort Myers Fire Department has embarked on a journey to be internationally accredited through the Commission on Fire Accreditation International.  Accreditation is often described as being community-focused, data-driven, outcome-focused, strategic-minded, well organized, properly equipped, and properly staffed and trained. The process will take several years but the results will be institutionalized.  

Why Accreditation?

  • Organization motivation and self-improvement
  • Evaluation to improve service delivery
  • Quality performance objectives
  • Identification of methods to improve the organization