How do I apply for a permit?

Guide to Submitting Plans for Fire Plan Review

The Fire Prevention Bureau will review plans associated with all fire systems, pollutant storage tanks, LPG tanks, fire backflows, and tar kettles to ensure compliance with local city code and applicable fire and life safety codes.

The Process

  1. Upon receipt of submitted plans, a permit number will be assigned by staff. This number will be used to track the status of the permit and for scheduling inspections. New plans are reviewed in the order in which they are received. Plans may be expedited based on staff availability, and payment of an additional fee.
  2. If the review results in any hold comments the applicant will be informed by email and/or telephone with the number provided and required to address hold comments with resubmitted plans. There is no fee to resubmit plans that are in review status.
  3. Once the plans have been approved the applicant will be notified that the permit package is ready for pickup and advised of any fees due. The contractor is responsible for ensuring the original plans and permits are on site for the inspector. Only the permit holder will be authorized to schedule inspections.

Submittal Requirements

  • Completed permit application. If additional documents are required, staff will advise at time of submittal. IE: license; insurance; list of authorized representatives.
  • Payment of permit submittal fees. See fee schedule on website.
  • 4 sets of approved plans. Engineer seal may be required.
  • A copy of all required documentation shall be attached to each set of plans.

Plan Information

  • The installing contractor's name, address, phone number, and license number shall be provided on the plans.
  • The building owner/tenant name, site address, and suite or unit number shall be provided on the plans.
  • Verify that the current editions of the applicable codes are referenced and provided.

Turnaround time for plan review is based on workload at time of submittal. Every effort is made to complete revisions and resubmitted plans in a timely manner. Questions can be directed to any fire plan reviewer at 239-321-7350.

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